Musik & Lights Edutainment is a new brand name in the  entertainment industry. We hosted our first event in 2011 and have since hosted a number of successful events in collaboration with many noteworthy entities. 


We are an entertainment and events management service provider based in Vanderbijlpark. We create and manage events ranging from corporate, promotional to social events.





  • To create a platform where music and artistic talents can be well groomed and showcased within their respective local/regional areas and beyond
  • To create long term annual account/contracts which thrive from constant maintenance and appraisal
  • Keep close contact with clients and establish a well functioning long term relationship in order to generate repeat business and a top class reputation
  • To establish comprehensive service experience for our clients which includes constant consultation, progress report and feedback




  • To host events and promotions that will specifically focus on developing and promoting artistic talent
  • Complete all events effective and efficiently at all times
  • To introduce a new brand name in the entertainment industry
  • To have Music and Lights mobile music stores in the market
  • To create long lasting and sustainable eligible business contacts and working relationships




Musik and Lights offers a wide range of services which incorporate most of not all entertainment and event management needs. Our service include the following


  • Catering
  • Mobile retail stores 
  • Sound and Video equipment hiring
  • Events planning and  management
  • Printing of CD sleeves and promotional material
  • Music and Video production and recording (Voice-over and mastering)


At Musik and Lights our main advantage is that we host our own events which allows us the opportunity to fully promote our artists and talents, we are committed to unlocking a whole new world of local talent.


Our mobile stores offer further convenience for the public and exposure for our artists by allowing access to their material during an event.